Some interesting items.

Nice Pad!

Trim Tag from a 1958 Police Car (COPO 406C) Removed before car was crushed.

Only the top POP is real.
They are getting so good at making these up, it
almost doesn't mean anything anymore to have one.

Unusual Tag from a 1969 Pontiac. This is authentic.
3 different "2" fonts, 2 different "9" fonts used

Easy to see the detail - When you use a Broach Buster© Scope.

Original distributor stampings are very detailed.

Even fan blades have a unique stamping

1966 L-79 Corvette - NCRS© Duntov Award Recipient

1969 Camaro SS350 Indy Pace Car

1969 Z/28 Power brake setup

1967 Camaro SS-396

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