Radiator Hoses

Exactly Correct Reproduction Radiator Hoses for:
Camaro, Chevelle, GTO, Firebird, and Nova.
These are official GM licensed hoses - made to look like original old stock.

Please note: I am personally making these items myself - great care is spent to ensure exact detail.

Finally - VERY CORRECT - Reproduction hoses for your classic Chevrolet.

This is the closest to Original GM Stock (NOS) available.

Hand stamped so they are NOT perfect - JUST LIKE THE GENERAL DID THEM.  
Every time I stamp a hose - it is a little different.  I won't sell anything that I wouldn't install on my own cars.

$27.95 each

* Please note - These hoses are made to the exact shape and size as factory originals.
I can not guarantee proper fit, if you have modified your engine or radiator.

Authentic Radiator Hoses:

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Click here ---> Chevelle Radiator Hoses

Click here ---> Nova Radiator Hoses

Click here ---> GTO Radiator Hoses

Click here ---> Firebird Radiator Hoses  

Click here ---> Chevy Full Size and Truck Radiator Hoses

Click here ---> Monte Carlo Radiator Hoses

Don't forget to Click here ---> Heater Hoses / PCV

Don't forget to Click here ---> Smog Hoses

$9.00 each
Lower Hose Spring - Radiator Lower Hose Spring- All

If you don't see your application, send me an email - I may be able to make a special.

$27.95 each

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